• Warranty: 5 years, 50,000 life hours
  • Input Voltage:100-277Vac  |  PF>0.9 | THD<20%
  • High efficiency, up to 115lm/W  RA:80
  •  PMMA LGP,UV resist material with 10 years life
  • 3000K~6000K CCT/Power stepless dimming by bluetooth


  •  Office
  •  Museum
  •  School
  •  Hospital
  • Healthcare
  • Meeting room

Smart Panel-Bluetooth Zigbee CCT/Power Tunable

  • Coolux Bluetooth Zigbee CCT/Power Tunable Panel is a wireless cellular network where each device can receive and transmit signals. In complex or large-scale building space, the signal is still very stable and reliable.
    Suitable for medium and large offices, schools, hotels, etc.

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